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We have Flexible, Tailor-made Methods to meet your project's needs/objective!

Brief Overview of Our Proteomics Methods/Services

➢ Drug Target Identification/Deconvolution: Using our advanced & high-throughput Chemical Proteomics method: Five (5) drugs can now be scanned at the same time in parallel with 3 Biological replicates, removing all inter-assay variability! High specificity, deep profiling and at an affordable price! (now also miniaturised for primary and iPSC derived cell cultures).

➢ Protein Expression Profiling: To deduce the mechanism of action of your drug candidate. This can also be done in parallel to your drug target finding, so it will save your precious time and money!

➢ ProTargetMiner: signature library of anticancer molecules, can be combined with other chemical proteomics methods.

➢ RedOx Proteomics: precisely quantify oxidative stress as a signature of disease progression or drug effect.

➢ HDX-MS analysis platform: It can be used to obtain information on your Protein Structure, its interaction sites (e.g., protein-protein or protein-ligand), Epitope Mapping, allosteric effects, intrinsic disorder, and conformational changes induced by post-translational modifications (PTMs). This technique is highly sensitive, and can able to detect co-existing protein conformations. 

➢ Large scale Quantitative Proteomics experiments using label-free or isobaric labelling (TMT and TMTpro) quantification strategies.

➢ Targeted Proteome Analysis, including SureQuant analysis of plasma/serum samples.

➢ Detection of Post-translational Modification and their localization on the amino acid sequence.

➢ General protein identification in gel and solution.

➢ Accurate molecular mass determination of peptides and small proteins.

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FITExP And ProTargetMiner Are Very Powerful Tools/ Methods To Reveal Protein Targets And Mechanisms Of Action Of Your Drug Candidate

  • Do you want to know more about the protein targets and mechanism of action (MoA) of your drug candidate?
  • You can work directly with the famous scientists and inventors of these methods.  

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RedOx Proteomics

This method is highly effective for detection of specific oxidative-stress related changes in hundreds of proteins in the proteome due to drug treatment. The cartoon below (from an old publication) is a simplified version for basic understanding, however we have advanced this method to a far greater level for deeper profiling! 

Book a Meeting now to know how it can be beneficial / complement your R&D

Our Vision

To be your preferred and trusted premier partner to support the preclinical research of your drug development programs by making cutting-edge techniques and methods easily accessible to our sponsors for their clinical success.


  • To revolutionize drug discovery research by providing integrated and cutting-edge pre-clinical laboratory services.
  • To make high-end methods/techniques available at an affordable price to our sponsors for their clinical success. 
  • To be a responsible and trusted CRO partner with Quality, Flexibility, Reliability, Affordability and Customer support as our key core values.

Key Facts

    • Located at Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.
    • Management team of highly skilled PhD level Scientists with track record of delivering complex scientific projects and peer reviewed international publications.
    • Fully serviced laboratory, working towards laboratory accreditation.

Why Choose Us

Therapeutic Area Expertise

We provide expert services in Proteomics, Transcriptomics (NGS) and Bioinformatics analyses in therapeutic areas- Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, Immunology/Inflammation, Respiratory diseases, Neurological diseases, Cardiovascular diseases, Kidney diseases. 

Value for money

We provide high quality services at affordable prices that meets our sponsor requirements.


We offer flexibility in our services to our sponsors so that they have the right science at the right time.


We offer consultancy to our clients so that they can mitigate the challenges appear during drug development because your success is our priority. 

Nordic Preclinical Sciences AB have received support from Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB in the Vinnova sponsored START program.

Nordic Preclinical Sciences AB is supported by Swedish Government agency Arbetsförmedlingen as part of the STARTA EGET program.