Proteomics Analysis- Mass Spectroscopy

Proteomics is a broader term comprised of several techniques and methods for global analysis of proteins in biological samples such as plasma, cells and tissues. 

Nordic Preclinical Sciences can provide proteomics analysis service for in-depth understanding of your compound/drug candidate's interaction with variety of cell models. 

We provide proteomics services using the best available mass spectrometry-based proteomics techniques and methods with focus on quantitative proteomics. We help designing experiments, providing a broad range of efficient samples preparation methods, high quality mass spectrometric data as well as data analysis and interpretation.

Example of our Proteomics Services Includes:

A. Sample preparation for mass spectroscopic analysis:

1. Protein extraction from harvested cells and tissues.
2. In-gel alkylation, digestion: Tryptic (or other proteolytic) digestion using specific protocol automatized with a liquid handling robot.
3. In-solution alkylation, digestion: Standard protocol for 1-100 µg protein digestion using tryptic (or other proteases) digestion, including reduction and alkylation.
4. Off-line peptide fractionation (high pH reversed-phase separation)

B: LC-MS/MS analysis on high-resolution mass spec
trometer (Orbitrap):

1. TMT-based quantitative proteomic analysis for up to 16 samples (TMTpro).
2. TMT-based quantitative proteomic analysis for up to 10-11 samples (TMT10plex or TMT11plex).
3. Label-free quantitative proteomic analysis.
4. Targeted proteomic analysis using parallel reaction monitoring (PRM).

C: Bioinformatic analysis of LC-MS data:

1. Sequence database search (e.g., Mascot).
2. Label-free quantification.
3. TMT-labeling based quantification.
4. Statistical analysis (per dataset of several LCMS/MS runs).